GREECE TRAVEL GUIDE: Visa tips, budget etc.

Apart from the stress of getting the visa, Greece is a perfect holiday destination and if you thinking of where to go for your next holiday I will happily recommend Greece. The people are friendly to tourists, the food is great and the islands are beautiful.
GETTING A VISA: A lot of people sent me the updated visa requirement for Greece, although police report and medical is still a requirement, the list seems quite reasonable. Just the basic documents for Schengen visa application. Find the list of required documents below. 

Find the link to the Greece consulate website in Nigeria here. 


1. Flight: N230,000-N250,000 (this is cheapest flight I’ve seen to any European country from Lagos). Flight cost as seen on Egyptair. 

2. Accommodation: In Athens you can find Airbnb for as low as 15-20usd per night. In Santorini and Mykonos you can find lovely apartments for as low as 40usd per night during the off season (after summer). A budget of N120,000 should be enough for 7-8 days. 

3. Others/Miscellaneous: Feeding, sightseeing, transportation to the islands: N100,000

Note: If you a heading to Greece for your honeymoon or with a companion the cost of accommodation remains the same just add extra cost for flight and miscellaneous expense. About N750,000-N800,000 is required for a couple to have the perfect honeymoon in Greece (as long as you go between October-May before the summer madness😅). 


1. For the trip to Santorini/Mykonos take bluestar ferry. It is cheap but very slow. Bring your own snacks and drinks. 

2. There is no shame in bringing your breakfast essentials and snacks from home tea, coffee, biscuits and thing else that can fit into your box😁. 

3. Bring comfortable shoes for walking, if you want to wear fancy shoes for pictures put them in your bag and switch when you want to take pictures. 

4. There are several beautiful islands in Greece (Santorini and Mykonos is popular because of marketing, thanks to insta travel bloggers). You can decide to go the route less travelled. (Crete, Paros, Antiparos, Corfu island, Naxos, Milos etc).

1. can be used for your flight booking. 

2. for apartment booking.

3. for hotel booking 

4. for ferry booking. 

In Athens I stay in a beautiful Airbnb. Very clean, nice and attentive host, close to the acropolis (walking distance).

Cost: 110usd for 2 nights. 

Click here for the link to the Airbnb.

In Santorini I also booked an Airbnb. Pictures attached. Attentive host, a bit far from public transport but perfectly fine is you rent an ATV. And also no cell phone service while in the apartment. 
Cost: 378usd for 2 nights. 

Click here to book the apartment.

In mykonos I stay in mycoocon hostel, It wasn’t rebooked I just walked in and paid after an Airbnb booking mishap on another island. 

Things to note before booking. 

The large room is for about 46 people. 

The more private room for 10 people. 

The hostel is always clean. The rooms, bathroom and toilet. There’s a night security guard and it was also not as noisy as I expected it to be.  To book search for mycoocon hostel on


Sea food pasta or risotto, gyros, Slouvaki. Everything tastes amazing. 







  1. Your pictures are beautiful!!! Like they are right off the pages of a magazine! Totally sad about the crazy requirements for a Greek visa. I feel like Nigerians always get the short end of the stick all the time

  2. This is one of the most detailed travel article I have ever read. I can actually pack and be on the move now from all the travel tips you shared. The pictures have also created an appetite for me to visit Greece, even though I am more of an African traveller. I look forward to more travel stories.

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