You’ve most like seen the pictures on the internet😁, and yes it’s as beautiful as it looks in the pictures😉. It’s also one of the countries you can visit visa free with your Nigerian passport, if you can look past the cost of flight from Nigeria which is about N500,000😳🤔. 
FLIGHT COST: From N500,000 to as high as you can pay till your pocket start to pinch you 🙄. Turkish airline and Emirates are the cheapest (I don’t understand why Etihad is 800k plus). To make the best use of you money combine 2 destinations e.g. Dubai and Maldives on Emirates or Turkey and Maldives on Turkish airline. The cost stays almost the same if combine a short stop over of 3-5 days in the stop over country. I opted for fly dubai airline from Dubai to Maldives. 

ACCOMMODATION: You can find rooms from as low as 22usd (on Airbnb) to private islands as high as 10,000usd per night. (Your bank account will help you make the right decision 😅). Pro tip: When booking a hotel use a card that has no funds in it, it’s always better to pay when you get to your destination, also make sure you call to reconfirm your booking. 

TIP: If you are on a budget book a hotel in the capital city (Male) and if you will like to visit a resort book a day trip to a resort to explore. Day trips to resort start from 50usd. You can ask the receptionist at your hotel. 
For other expenses (feeding, tours etc) budget 50-100usd per day. If you decide to stay in a resort don’t forget to visit a local island.

1. Explore the capital city. You can do this within one hour, it’s a small city. Visit the fish market, fruit market, the mosque. 

2. Take a day trip to a luxury resort. 

3. Take a day trip to a local island. 

4. If at any point “money fall on you ” take a 15 minutes sea plane ride. (Cost: 1000usd for 15 minutes) 

Sea plane.
The sea plane.

5. Book a ride on the whale submarine. (Cost: 75usd for 45 minutes) 

6. Under water scooter excursion. (Cost: 90usd for 45minutes) 

7. Admire the ocean 🙄, it’s not everyday you see water that is fine😅. 



ACCOMMODATION: (hotels) (hotels) (hotels) (apartments) (flight and hotel) (flight and hotel)

Hotel Jen by shangri la, you can  find the website here

The view from the room.
The reception.
The reception.
The bathroom
The room
Front of Hotel Jen.
W Maldives: I spent 2 nights here, the experience was amazing. The staffs were polite and put in the effort to pronounce my name correctly. I stayed in an over water bungalow with a private pool. You can book your stay here. Check out my pictures below. 


I ate mostly pasta throughout my stay. I was not so keen on experimenting with food because of how expensive the food was. 

I hope you enjoy your stay in the Maldives as much as I did. 


  1. Amazing reviews. I’m a devout follower of your page.How much is a night there at hotel Jen please? Response will be appreciated.

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