1. The minimum salary you can pay yourself is 820euros. And from the 820euros you have to pay at least 400euros as tax per month. (Taxation on a different level 😂) 

2. Make sure your company remains active. 

3. To be able to employ yourself you have to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills. For example I will be employing myself as a sales manager I have to show that I have a degree in business administration(which I don’t have🙄) or prove that I have worked as a sales manager for 3years (i decided to go this route by providing my employment letter and a sworn affidavit from my former employer to show that I’ve worked as a sales manager for 3 years. 

1. LATVIA is part of the Schengen region, so you can travel within the Schengen region freely. 

2. You don’t have to be in Latvia to keep your business active. (God bless e-commerce 🤜🏾). 

3. It’s the cheapest residency option in the Schengen area (apart from falling in “love” with someone that’s has a passport😜) 
Technically, you residency application cannot be rejected as long as you meet the requirements. It’s can only be delayed. 

*inserts deep quote* delay is not denial🙏🏽 (except it is France visa🤣 that will hold your passport for 3 months and still reject you😆). 

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