Visa free destination for Nigerian passport: Mauritius.

For me Mauritius is one of those visit once and never go there again type destination😔. And my experience at border control didn’t help either, I spent 30 + minutes explaining to the immigration office what I wanted to do in the country. For a minute I almost felt like I was retaking “JAMB” why are you here? Where will you be stay? Why do you live in Dubai? What do you do? 🙄. I was so angry because at some point I was the only person left at border control surrounded by about 7 Indian immigration officials. (Yes! Indian, there’s a lot of people there with Indian heritage). 

After what seemed like forever they finally stamped my passport, I collected my passport to check the stamp, I saw 7 days boldly written and circled, I could almost see the condescending “just in case your eye is paining you” from the circle. Shoo!!!🙄, just 7days? The last I had to answer this many questions , I was given admission to study a course for 4 years in the university😂😂. I finally bought a SIM card to call my friend and lament, can you believe this country that looks like a full stop on the map gave me 7 days😳😂. 

The ride from the airport to the hotel was about one hour, I was almost grateful to not see any beach/water (I was coming from Seychelles, my eyes don see water taya🙄), I met the warmest staffs at the hotel and my airport pickup was nice enough to stop at the supermarket to get supplies including bottled water(who expensive hotel bottle water epp??). It’s funny how little acts of kindness helps you feel better about negative experiences in a new place. Apart from the airport experience, my stay in Mauritius was perfect. Although for me it’s not a place I will visit again. 

1. Passport (obviously😜) 

2. Return ticket print out 

3. Hotel booking (It’s best if you make payment before hand or at least call the hotel to reconfirm your booking with your name, just incase immigration decides to call the hotel. In my case they kept telling me my hotel doesn’t exist🙄) 

4. Yellow fever card.

5. Light clothing/warm summer clothes. 

6. As much patience as you can afford. 

1. All the plenty things you can do inside water. 😁

2. Visit the SSR botanic garden, if you want to look at plants👋🏽. 

3. Visit chamarel to see the 7 colored earth (I went, i still don’t get. Please go so that we can be confused together 😂) 

4. Drive up a mountain (it was the super fun) 

5. Go on a submarine safari (I didn’t get to do this because of time) 

6. Visit a water fall. (Go and look at water pouring from rocks🙄, I don’t know why but just do it😜).

Personally if I had to choose between Seychelles and Mauritius I will choose Mauritius because there’s a lot more activities to do there. You don’t want to spend 300-400k on a flight just to look at water. 

Flight: The average cost of flight is about N380-400k

Accommodation: You can find hotels for as low as 40usd per night here

Others: An extra cash reserve of 50-100usd per day for feeding, tours and unforeseen circumstances should keep you going. 

The cheapest way from dubai is to book a travel package here for as low as 2000AED. The package covers flight, hotel and airport transfer. Be sure to read the fine print as you might be required to be extra during the high seasons or if you are booking alone. 
Enjoy your holiday!!!


  1. Oyinbo can die for that water !! But then we are black. The issue of immigration office is caused by our Nigerian prince. I had to postpone my Cambodia visit because I can’t deal with the stress they give. Just imagine, common Cambodia

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